Agnes 'Aggie' Bumby is the daughter of  Dr. Angus Bumby


Most of the time, Aggie is a strict person who has high discipline and will tell you straight! She often talks and acts like a politician, wanting everyone to follow the rules. But Aggie is also very kind and sweet when it comes to people who had just experienced tragic events. She'll tell you to "find your happy place" and comfort you so you can move on in life.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Agnes Bumby is an average sized teenager with auburn hair, brown eyes and white skin. She has an artificial arm and leg.



Agnes is the adopted daughter of Angus Bumby, along with Angie Bumby. Agnes lived with him in the Houndsditch Home for Wayward Youth. After Angus' death, 11 year old Aggie tried to find a cure the other children's memory loss and finally found it at the age of 15. Sadly, two years later, Aggie Bumby died after a carriage crashed into her when she was going to return a book to the local library. Fortunately, she was transported to Wonderland and was resurrected by the Mad Hatter. In Wonderland, Agnes met her Dollmaker half-sister, Dolly-Maker.


She is the BFF of Grace Renfield, descendant of Mr Renfield and Alice Liddell Jr, daughter of American McGee's Alice Liddell. Before she became undead, she was also a friend of the other children at the orphanage and Alice Liddell Sr.



Agnes hates those who are bossy and mistreats others. She is also highly against pimps and slave owners.


Agnes is the girlfriend of Mackenzie Defoe, the cyborg son of Magdeline Defoe. They were really close friends before they had deeper feelings for each other. Mackenzie is good at making artificial body parts and fixes Aggie's limbs whenever they break.


  • Her theme song is "I dreamed a dream" from Les Miserables.
  • Her signature weapon is the Pocket Watch


Agnes Bumby
Alice: Madness Returns Character
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Age Died at the age of 17.
Parent Angus Bumby
Nickname Aggie
Insane Style I like a formal Victorian-inspired outfit. Something simple and perfectly fit for a meeting or just a simple tea party.
Mad Flaw I have bionic limbs. If you're wondering how I got them. It's because I died when a carriage crashed into me. I was transported to Wonderland and brought back to life by the Mad Hatter. He gave me a pocket watch that looked just like my father's, but has more extraordinary purposes because it's also a convinient gadget. It can turn into a hook or a swiss army knife!
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Favorite Activity Trying out hypnotizing techniques and reading books about psychology. I'm a trainee psychiatrist for crying out loud!
Mad Pet Peeve Things that remind me of the night I sneeked out of my bedroom. There were strange noises outside. I was curious of what was happening. The door was locked, so I had to use my hair pin to unlock it. And there was my father Angus, but with a stranger I have never seen before. The strange man called out the name of one of the children from the orphanage and I saw him handing over a sack of gold. He was buying the poor kid! The little girl whose name had been called walked out of the door like a lifeless person after being hypnotized by my papa. I knew something was wrong and Angus was using us! From that day on, I always remember to put cotton balls into my ears before each session so that I cannot hear my father's voice and the treatment won't give any effect on me. I also told my sister Angie to do the same thing.
Favorite Color Gold
Favorite Food French Toast
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