History (Death)Edit

At the age of 15, Angie found out about her sister's death, Agnes. She was full of sadness and depression. She didn't want to be alone. Agnes was her real sister and the only family who was nice to her and who understood her. So Angie went out in the middle of the night, around 3 or 4 o'clock. She was walking on a bridge, and then she went on the side, wondering what will she do without her sister. Just then, a bus came driving on the bridge, then it got out of control, and went on the side where was Angie, and then it pushed her off the bridge! And that's how Angie Bumby died.

Later on, Angie woke up in the Mad Hatter's house. He worked on her missing body parts, her right leg and right arm. She lived with the Mad Hatter because he cared for her dearly and loved her as his very own. Then, he gave her a golden suit case which has a big set of puppet parts and mechanical parts, and tools.


Angie Bumby
Alice: Madness Returns Character
Age Died at the age 15
Parent Angus Bumby
Nickname Angel
Insane Style I enjoy layered skirts with shirts, people may think it's hilarious how I dress, but I do not listen to them.
Mad Flaw Whenever I see or hear something that reminds me of my 'human past', it's like a puzzle, I was quite young those days and I was oftenly getting confused easily, I see parts of my past and -whoosh-, I get a black-out.
Pet I have a a living voodoo doll that the Mad Hatter made for me, she has a mechanical right arm.
Favorite Activity Making new creations and puppets! I live with the Mad Hatter so he learned how to make things, like him!
Mad Pet Peeve Angus Bumby. He was the only one who adopted me and loved me besides my real parents, I was his favorite, but....He's always been mysterious and he used to live at night and not come back until morning, once, he went out very late and he never came back until the next night!
Favorite Color Green, Copper, Gold, Brown and Black.
Favorite Food Butter on Bread with Juice, yum.
BFFs Molly Hatter.