Her signature weapon is the Flamingo Croquet Mallet.

Etha Execute
Alice: Madness Returns Character
Age 170 years and deaths
Parent The Executioner
Nickname Red Reaper
Insane Style Flesh is best, I'd say. Things that show pain and suffering that's what makes me feel satisfied.
Mad Flaw I'm rotten and creepy. Got a problem with that? It's off with your head if you mess with me!
Pet {{{pet}}}
Favorite Activity Decapitating the dummies at the training grounds. It helps me to give more deadly and successful blows. And playing croquet. Nothing beats a good game for fun.
Mad Pet Peeve People who make fun of my appearance. Beware, for you might lose your life because of this!
Favorite Color Blood red, duh!
Favorite Food Tomato soup.
BFFs Nobody, I like working solo.